Vredehorst, a new living community.

 What is it?

Vredehorst is a way of living with about 100 people living together harmoniously in family houses, apartments and studios. You can find houses in several price classes with the choice to rent or to buy, including the possibility of low-cost rental housing (social housing).
It is a residential community for people who like to have their ‘own’ house, but at the same time want to live together with others in the neighborhood.
Vredehorst is intended for residents who pay attention to each other and want to be great neighbors.
There will be between 40 to 60 houses / apartments, plus an indoor and outdoor meeting area. The residents will manage this community area, where all kinds of activities for the neighborhood and its residents can be held (meals, training, films, receptions, indoor playground, etc.). The meeting area will have a ‘double’ kitchen so that even Halal cooking will be possible.

How is Vredehorst different from other neighborhoods?  The difference lies in:
– The community area, where all sorts of things happen during daytime;
– The large common (play) grounds and smaller private gardens;
– The many meetings in the squares between the houses;
– The conversations between people from different cultures;
– The mix of foreign and Dutch cultures on a summer evening;
– The friendly greetings of people who know each other,  look out for each other and enjoy each other in their differences;
– The sharing of facilities, garden appliances, tools and maybe even cars;
– The openness to the rest of the neighborhood Veldhuizen (this already becomes apparent in the way of building).

We want to build Vredehorst on the site where the Lindenhorst shopping centre, the former community center Veldhuizen and a football field currently are situated. We have already contacted the landowner and the municipality of Ede about buying the land. In the coming months, we will also inform the residents in the neighborhood about the building plans.
A professional developer (Norbert van der Vegt of Eigenheid Vastgoed) and architect (Nourdin Alou of  Theo Verburg Architects BV) are committed to make this a very special and beautiful project.

Vredehorst is an open community. Everybody is welcome to come and live there. It is however  important that every resident endorses the eight values ​​of this community.
These values are:
1. Sharing – We learn to actively share our time, talents and resources.
2. Care – We live with attention to each other’s joys and sorrows.
3. Encouragement – We encourage each other, where needed.
4. Space – We allow each other their own space and time.
5. Receiving – We learn to ask for and receive help
6. Hospitality – We open up our homes and community to people who cross our path.
7. Focus on the neighborhood – We are committed to the people in the area.
8. Take care of our environment – we are committed to a sustainable lifestyle, focusing on nature and people.
The board of the residents’ association has a kind of intake-conversation with all potentially interested people and these eight values play an important role in this interview.
It is our wish to have a nice mix of people living in Vredehorst. Mixed age, religion, income, culture, etc. That way you can learn a lot from each other and that is what we want.
In addition, we are also supported by the municipality of Ede. They see Vredehorst as an example of how other neighborhoods could be built in the future.

Together we want to discover what it means to share life in the neighborhood where we live. Especially with people who have very different backgrounds and beliefs.
In a time when …
– Many people are lonely and have to sort things out all by themselves, we want to be there for each other;
– Different cultures do not engage in each other, we want to do just that;
– Social Media hinders  real contacts, we want to encourage live-meetings;
– Elderly people often are drawn to people of their own age, we want to combine  and connect young and old;
We also want our children within this community to experience  from an early age onward how important it is to share life.

This initiative started almost three years ago.  We hope that construction could begin sometime in 2016 and that the first residents will have moved into Vredehorst in the beginning of 2017.

What next?
Please contact us if you want to know more. This can be done in the following ways:
1. Call  06  29534948 (Jan) or 06 14488737 (Eelke)
2. Visit our Service Desk in Lindenhorst 30A
3. Join us for a sociable dinner at our Meet & Greet, every last Saturday of the month from 16:30 pm  at our Service Desk. Children are more than welcome.
4. See our video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/LffAx-EdlsA
5. Subscribe to the Newsletter http://vredehorst-ede.nl/nieuwsbrief/
6. Keep in touch via our Facebook page or our site (www.vredehorst-ede.nl)